Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida


Busch Gardens is opened on 31 March 1959, an African-wildlife theme park of 19th century design. it is constructed in an area of 135 hectares in Tampa, Florida. Busch Gardens exhibits mainly on its interesting fauna, humid site, and entertainments to attract more visitors.

The replica steam train Serengeti Express will take the guests to the park’s rear point passing Congo, Stanleyville, as well as Nairobi. While on the Skyride, guests will enjoy the visit in Stanleyville and Crown Colony.

Places of Interest:

The Moroccan Palace is a 1,200 seat indoor theatre performing music ensemble of Moroccan Sheiks at the main entrance. Gwazi or a tiger-headed and lion-bodied mythological creature is the biggest  wooden roller coaster in this area. Gwazi Gliders is a horizontal ride with small sling glider located in kids area of Pygmy Village at Congo section.

Next is Bird Gardens’ cultural and traditional bird attraction, Sesame Street Safari of Fun including four additional exhibits of kid’s play ground in Telly’s Jungle Jam, a dangling ride of Rosita’s Djembe Fly-Away, a water pool of Bert & Ernie’s Watering hole, and family’s roller coaster of Air Grover.

Stanleyville has water rides such as floorless Dive Coaster SheiKra with a straight-down slip of 90-degree,  Flume of Stanley Falls a 13 m sideslip log cascade, The African Queen Boat Ride or Tidal Wave of Tanganyika a 17 m sideslip tubes of 20 passengers water ride.

The classic Python roller coaster is located in Congo section. There are other thrilling rides in this section which are Kumba a 44 m steel popular roller coaster with seven inversions of sitting position, River Rapids of Congo a rampant rapids water ride, and Bumper Cars of Ubanga Banga.

Jungala is a 16,000 m2 section features interactive activities with animal, the climb three stories on cord overpass to immitate a life in jungle, and children water-playground. Other adventures in this section feature Jungle Flyers and Tiger Trail. Jungle Flyers is a three distinctive flight patterns of rocket trail beyond the top of the trees, as well as Surge of Wild is a Moser family tower ride that launches its passengers beyond a waterfall. Tiger Trail is an on-foot track discovery with tigers and a dome of glass to observe the tiger inside their enclosure.

A section of Timbuktu which is opened in 1980, includes Timbuktu Theater an enclosed theater of 4-D movie, and several roller coasters and rides such as Scorpion single vertical loop roller coaster, Cheetah Chase, Phoenix a cargo vessel in Egyptian style, short 3D movie of Sesame Street Film Festival 4-D, short 3-D movie of Pirates 4-D on Pirates, and orbiter journey of Sandstorm. Guests can observe crocodiles as well as alligators up-close and personal at Nairobi, where it is also occupied with Rhino Rally, a Vekoma River Adventure ride.

Special Events:

§  Viva La Musica: Live performances of Hispanic festival on March – April 2011.

§  Ramp Jam: Featuring ASA Action Sports World Tour of professional skateboarders, BMX, and skating athletes on April 9-10, and 16-17, 2011.

§  Jack Hanna: Featuring Jack Hanna, “Jungle Jack”, an animal expert for an Earth Day Celebration.

§  Glory at the Gardens: A jam-packed festival of music and fellowship, animal encounters, and world-class entertainment.

§  Summer Nights – Summer 2011.

§  Howl-O-Scream – October 2011.

§  Holidays at Busch Gardens – November-December 2011: Featuring Christmas characters, spectacular poinsettias, festive decorations, and classic holiday music.

§  New Year’s Eve at Busch Gardens – December 31, 2011: Biggest party in celebrating a New Year’s Eve.


Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida


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