Marineland, or originally called Marine Studios, is the world’s marine mammal first oceanarium constructed on the beach along north of Daytona Beach and south of St. Augustine, Florida, which is opened on March 4, 2006. It facilitates swim-with-the-dolphins attraction and contains two large aquariums. It displays marine life such as dolphins in a spacious, naturalistic environment. The marine animals preserve in this oceanarium are porpoises, rays, giant sharks, turtles, reef and tropical fish parade in bright review with over seven tons of coral, sea fans and plumes duplicate a coral reef.

Marineland provides the chance to swim, touch, feed, and even paint with their 12 dolphins. The Dolphin Conservation Center is founded in 2006 to help preserve and protect marine life as well as to respect marine life and the environment. This center concerns the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Japanese drive fisheries, animals caught in fishing nets, whales threatened by toxic metals in the water, and effects of marine pollution. It also has an interactive program for guests and the marine animals.

Interesting Facts and History:

In 2008, Marineland opened a new facility of Dolphin Conservation Field Station to research, rescue, rehabilitation and release of dolphins and small whales in Northeast Florida. The park shows how marine life learns, hunts and lives in their natural environment as a way to provide a “window to the ocean” to protect these precious resources. Marineland serves a close up look at fascinating creatures within our oceans, which are educational and entertaining.

The replication of diversity in marine life interested Hollywood’s TV and movie producers for filming wildlife inhibited in Marineland, such as Tarzan starring Johnny Weismueller, Revenge of the Creature in 1955, and ABC TV’s Benji at Marineland (1981).

Hurricane Floyd has swiped infrastructure of Marineland in September 1999, but the restorative work conducted afterward has succeeded to reconstruct the damage and replace existing coquina revetment. Two new seawater intake wells were installed for emergency distribution system and backup distribution systems. In January 2011, Marineland was sold yet again and is currently being operated as a subsidiary of the Georgia Aquarium.

Training Program:

Marineland has 45-minutes programs and attractions for snorkeling or scuba diving in the 450,000-gallon oceanarium tank, Paint With The Dolphins where dolphin can create a beautiful three color masterpiece on a canvas or t-shirt, Dolphin Touch and Feed, Dolphin Encounter/The Immersion which is the most interactive program where guests spend twenty minutes in the shallow water and ten minutes in the deeper portions of the habitat or swim with the dolphins, Flippers and Fins/Discover Dolphins to learn about Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.



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